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11 Pics - TMS at Virtua Pediatrics
11 pics - TMS at Voorhees Pediatrics
9 pics - TMS at a friendly get-together
20 Pics-TMS @ 2010 Palmyra High Post Prom Party
36 pics-TMS at Katz JCC Kids Land 2010
26 pics - TMS at Jake's Birthday Party!
27 pics: TMS at 2010 NJ W.A.V.E. Camp
2010 Short Course National Championships
20 pics - TMS at Dylan G's Birthday Party!
24 pics - TMS at Derek A's Surprise Birthday Party
18 Pics; TMS at Sal's Pizza 3/12/2011
30 pics - TMS at Big Brothers/Big Sisters
11 pics - TMS at JFCS Fundraiser
24 pics - TMS @ 2013 Palmyra High School Post Prom
20 pics - TMS @ 2013 NJ WAVE Camp
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2010 is the second year that this race has been held in Enfield, CT. This year, it was held from July 9-11th. July 9th was practice day, 10th was reserved for 3 rounds of qualifying in 7 different race classes, and the 11th had the finals, door prizes, and awards ceremonies. Despite a torrential downpoor on Saturday, we managed to get all races completed. I really enjoyed racing, watching, and talking with fellow racers. This race is so big that various manufacturers send their professional racers to showcase their respective products. What better way to sell an RC truck than to say that it was the 2010 Short Course Champion?
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