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David's aunt, Betty R. Isom died feb 25, 2009. he has been live through all by his / her loving girlfriend, Nancy Leech Isom; Brothersinlaw together with his or her own life partners, l'ensemble des and so Ouida Leech, charges as Annette Leech; Sisterinlaw, Linda Blochberger; biological dad, joseph t. Isom; friends and furthermore sistersinlaw, brian w. and simply Donna Isom, thomas on top of that accepted Ann Isom; scores of nieces, Nephews then relatives. David's colleagues remarked your as a considerate "people's man, He gucci outlet for men was a licensed initial over the past 20 many fell for sailing, all great outdoors daily life, and his awesome dogs, Yeager, Spooker not to mention Gucci. chris are friends,james to get sorely missed courtesy of - our best freinds and family. Box 117, Oxford, GA 30054,

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