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Welcome to Traveling Mini Speedway!

A donation will be made, on your behalf, for every event entertained by Traveling Mini Speedway.  For details, please see our "Charitable Donations" page.


Traveling Mini Speedway will showcase family-friendly entertainment at the M'KorStock Festival on Sunday, June 2nd from 11 am - 6 pm!


Check out the short video below to see our new fleet of mini NASCAR stock cars:


Are you looking for fun and unique ideas for your next birthday party, wedding, holiday party, office party, or other celebration?  Tired of the familiar party games?  Do you think your guests will crave a little more racing realism than slot cars can provide?  Well, how about a party theme centered around radio-controlled car racing, where participants will actually drive their own race car and experience the thrills and fun that some friendly competition can foster?  Read on, and check out our Recent Photos and Videos pages to see the abundant smiles and hear the laughter!

Imagine screeeeeeaaaaaaming down the straightaway, knowing you’re ahead by a few car lengths, thinking “I’m in the lead…I’m going to win!” The commentator announces “One minute until the end of the race!”


But then, suddenly, it happens! You forget to engage the antilock brakes in time to take that hairpin turn, and you slam into the far wall at full throttle. Then, in an instant, your lead is erased as the other cars descend upon you, causing a spectacular pileup! Everyone in the room….drivers and spectators alike, fill the air with gasps, ooohs and aaaahs. Then, smiles and laughs erupt at the sight of the debacle. Each driver scrambles to free him or herself from the carnage, and get racing again. After all, it’s every driver for himself, but less than one minute to go for the glory! 
Only Traveling Minispeedway can provide this kind of fun for a group of people in one room. Traveling Mini Speedway can easily light up all of the faces at your next birthday party, wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Communion, Graduation, or Team Building event. Just look at the pictures in our gallery. You will see the competitive intensity and the smiling faces of all our partygoers! Young or old, man or woman, Father, Son, Mother, Daughter, Brother, Sister, regardless of skill level…all have enjoyed this unique activity.



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